Comparing countries in the index
How the comparison tool works
The comparison tool allows law and policy in different countries to be compared at a glance, and provides a useful snapshot of the position in each country in each of the areas assessed by the API.

Country scores have been placed within bandings, where A represents the highest scores and G identifies countries with the most room for improvement.
Using the comparison tool
You can select up to four countries to compare using this tool. The comparison tool will then show the overall scores of the selected countries, together with their scores in each individual area assessed by the API. The individual report for each country gives more detailed information and explanation of the scores.

Selected Countries

The scores for your selected countries are shown below. For further information and detail explaining why a country has been awarded a particular score, select an individual country to view its full report. Follow the "Details" links for explanation of the criteria used to calculate scores in each area.

Recognition of animal sentience and prohibition of animal suffering

Animal Sentience is formally recognised in legislation
Laws against causing animal suffering

Presence of animal welfare legislation

Protecting animals in captivity
Protecting animals used for draught and recreation
Protecting animals used in farming
Protecting animals used in scientific research
Protecting companion animals
Protecting the welfare of wild animals

Establishment of supportive government bodies

Government accountability for animal welfare

Support for international animal welfare standards

OIE animal welfare standards
Support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare